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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 20, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. . >> a hit to outer right field and he is at the wall. >> as the red sox return to action at fenway park the city of boston is returning to normalcy while the bone surviving suspect is under armed guard at a boston hospital. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> the world now waits for the lone surviving suspect in the boston bombings to answer the
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looming question, why? tonight 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is in a boston hospital unable to speak, heavily sedated with serious injuries and armed guard at his bedside. today the massachusetts state police released infrared images of the teen hiding in a boat in a backyard from watertown blocks from where his older brother died with a gunfight with police. tamerlan was run over by a car and his younger brother drove towards officers as they were trying to handcuff the 26-year- old. the uncle fears that the 26- year-old brother may have convinced hill to take part in the bombing plot. >> i'm relieved that he is alive, first of all for that there is now a chance to find out who was behind it? second of all, i stress that there is a chance for dzhokhar to seek forgiveness. >> this is a photo showing
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dzhokhar as he got out the boat last night on his own. it was clear once he was arrested that he was bleeding. he had been shot in the leg and neck and cbs is reporting now there are some questions whether that neck wound may have been self-inflick. >> watertown police chief is talking about those dramatic captures of the bombing. >> we are concerned he might have a device on his chest. he listed his shift to show us he didn't and people on-scene were able to take him into custody and get him to a hospital. >> in addition, to the infrared images we showed you police used a camera-equipped robot to check the boat. it was an emotional day in boston when the red sox played their first home-game since the bombings. >> . ♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> first-responders took part
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in the special pregame ceremony to remember the victim and the horebs of this week's events. we have team coverage tonight on the events in boston. we begin with ktvu's jade hernandez live in san francisco where there was once again extra security at tonight's giant's game. >> reporter: heather, boston was definitely on the minds of giant's fans, but the love of the game pushed many forward. >> they wanted us and that was it. >> security at at&t park remained tight. >> we waited a little bit more, but i feel safe in this city. >> we felt it would be a little longer to get into the stadium. we thought there might be lines or whatever, but it was just as fast and it was same as ever. >> reporter: this father spoke to his daughters about safety concerns today. >> to be a little more appreciative of being able to go out and do things and i think that it's on a lot of people's mines. >> i think it's on everybody's mind of you come to a public place and the thought that someone could could walk in with something, but you can't stop it from letting you have
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fun. >> reporter: in boston the red sox took on the kansas city royals at fenway park. neil diamond performed. >> i bring love from the whole country. >> in boston fans showed their support for the city. ♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed to go. >> so goodment so good. so good. >> reporter: before the game began the giants recognized the martinez boy who was injured at the boston finish line during the explosions. jade hernandez. ktvu channel 2 news. the ute of massachusetts football team honored the four victims. all of the players wore special stickers on helmets and five players wore the jerseys with the victims' names on them. the school offer the boston marathon participants an tun to cross a finish line at halftime. >> president obama used his
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weekly address to tell americans to praise the city of boston for standing strong in the face of last week's bombings. >> if anyone wants to know who we are? what america is? how we respond to evil and terror? that is it. severallessly, compassionately and unafraid. >> president and police obama attended a memorial service in boston on thursday for the bombing victims. in this morning's dress the president said "boston's unwaivering spirit remained undaunted in the face of terror." the president told the people of boston the rest of the nation is with them in their time of trouble. here in the bay area love and support is pouring in for a martinez boy who was wounded in the boston bombings. ktvu's john sasaki shows us how friends and neighbors are raising money for aaron hern. >> reporter: it was a great day for a work in briones park, but this day was about photography for a good cause. >> oh, pretty. >> it's a great family and we
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just want to help them out. >> nicole digiorgio is a professional photographer who lives next to dot hereins. >> they watched us children grow up and their daughter is playing at my house with their daughter. they are like family to us. >> she recruited some other photographers to donate their services to raise money for the hern family. >> reporter: all day people came in for photo shots for themselves, their kid their pets. >> this was an easy way to contribute. >> reporter: all three of these kids are on aaron's swim team. >> i hope aaron is feeling better and he will be home soon. 11-year-old aaron suffer wounds, but he seems to be on road for recovery. >> just overjoyed and happy for him he has been able to meet michelle obama and wonderful opportunities are coming his way and hopefully that will make up for some of
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the stressors that he has been under are the following yesterday's chaotic day in boston there was relief that the alleged bombers had been caught or killed. >> it was so exciting and i felt everyone in boston was cheering last night and you wanted to be out there with them. >> reporter: this fundraiser brought in $3200. new security concerns after boston marathon bombings. had you evers of extra police officers will be on-hand for tomorrow's london marathon and there been also bomb-sniffing dogs and police have removed trash cans from the route. more than 35,000 runners are expected to compete tomorrow. for everybody person that finishes, organizers will don two pounds which is about $3 u.s. dollars to a fund set up for the boston victims. our coverage of the boston bombings continues coming up later at 10:30 we'll go live to boston with how the victims are being remembered tonight.
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things were slow going on roads in the bay area today. here at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that back-up. the nice weather may have contributed to a lot of heavy traffic going into san francisco. there are also several special events including the cherry blossom festival in japanton and tonight's giant's game. a novato pilot was able to walk away uninjured after his small plane crashed into a vineyard in santa rosa. it happened this morning near jameson road south ever bennett park. the pilot was the only person in the 1940's stareman biplane when it went down. he was to free himself and did not require medical attention. one source tells ktvu news that the throttle cable broke causing the plane to lose power. the failure of congress to enact new gun control legislation has energized both supporters and opens of that legislation. as cara liu reports two bay area representatives vowed to
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step up their efforts. >> i think wednesday in washington, d.c. essentially was a betrayal of the american people with what went down in the senate. [ applause ] >> congresswoman eshoo and congressman thompson say despite theset bac in the senate they are continuing to push. >> it's the first line of defense. >> reporter: thompson discussed a new bill requiring more extensive background checks. did it mean more criminals witness ever get a gun? no. does it mean that the mentally ill will never get guns snow no, but it it works. >> reporter: those in attendance supported gun control. >> newtown lit a fire under americans. i don't think anyone is going to give up. >> reporter: this man argued tougher gun control would not have prevent the shooting in newtown, connecticut. >> here in california if i want to protect myself ray firearm, there are so many things in the way for me to be
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able to protect myself. that is so unconstitutional. >> reporter: and many booed after he suggested arming teachers to protect schools thompson says it's up to house speaker john boehner whether the issue of gun control will be taken up in the house. in palo alto cara liu ktvu . >> how events of this week motivated those in san francisco to get prepared. an avalanche in colorado kills a group of snowboarders, except one. how he managed to survive. and the end of patrol and the issue stopping the alameda county sheriff's deputies from patrolling oakland's streets after tonight.
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. the city of west, texas, will soon be receiving much- needed aid after wednesday's deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. the blast killed 14 people including five from the west volunteer fire department. more than 160 people were injured. damage to the plant and nearby homes and businesses is extensive with at least 60 people still missing and possibly trapped under the rubble. preparing san francisco for the next big disaster was the goal of a major disaster drill
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today. and as ktvu's alex savidge tells us volunteers were motivated about what happened in both boston and texas. >> reporter: checking on survivors after a large earthquake, that was one of the scenarios volunteers dealt with today during disaster training at everett middle school in san francisco. >> can you get a medic or something in here? >> reporter: on-hand roughly 300 volunteers are nert, the city's neighborhood emergency response team. rebecca lieberspach is learning how to care for her neighbors if there is a disaster. >> the more confident and comfortable we'll feel we'll be able to help people more quickliment with we're the eyes and ears of the police department and the for the and the big one hits they can't do it all. >> reporter: today they are learning how to put out small fires. searching through rubble to find people who are trapped. >> what are you supposed to to for them? >> reporter: and getting triage training from san francisco firefighters.
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volunteers are tieing these color-clodded ribbons to the victims that they come across to let first-responders know who has the worse injuries and it seems that much more critical after a week of bombings in boston and a deadly blast in texas. >> everybody immediately thinks earthquake, but it could be anything. there was an earthquake in china and obviously what happened in boston and texas. it is natural or manmade disasters. >> reporter: san francisco has about 15,000 active volunteers right now, ready to respond. but the city is always looking for more help. alex savidge. we're following breaking news, bart is reporting major delays tonight. a disaster tells us it was because of a person on the tracks. service has been restored, but bart is reporting delay of more
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than 20 minutes in both directions on daly city line. evacuation orders were lifted in southern california as the brush fire burned in the foothills east of the los angeles. residents of about 200 homes in the city of monrovia were told to live as a precaution. a city spokeswoman said a gardner working in a yard started fire. official say the fire is only about 10% contained and thick brush and steep terrain were making the fire difficult to fight. authorities this colorado say it appears six snowboarders triggered an avalanche that killed five of them. near loveland pass 50 miles west of the denver, the spas almost 1,000' high and popular with backcountry skiers and snowboarders. the afternoon was 600' wide and 8' deep. a lone survivor managed to crawl out from the snow pack, but his condition has not been released.
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shots were fire wednesday during a t-ballgame with a field filled with 5 and 6-year- olds. the incident involved a dispute with the parent of a player and another relative. the league decided to sud games. the family involved in the shooting was withdrawn from the league. menlo park police are searching for the person behind a drive-by shooting that wounded a man after 11:00 this afternoon on pierce road. officers responding to calls of shots fired found a 19-year-old victim. investigators say he was in his yard when a car drove by and someone inside the vehicle opened fire, hitting him once. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. there is no description from police on possible suspects. new at 10:00 this is the last night that alameda county sheriff's deputies are patrolling in oakland to help the understaffed police. ktvu's debora villalon live in san leandro to explain the relationship soured after a deputy was shot. >> reporter:
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the deputies who roll out of here to back up oakland patrol the same streets and face the same dangers as police. the issue, who pays when one gets hurt? a saturday night traffic stop and a suspect who speeds off with a deputy in his car. >> he has been shot. >> reporter: in the chaos before they crashed the deputy shoots and kills the driver. and a bullet goes throh his own foot. alameda foots the bill, although it happens while protecting oakland. >> the collaboration was working very well. it is just a matter of cost. >> reporter: costs that the sheriff wants oakland to cover if it happens again. >> it's a risky job and they need to be medically covered for events just like this. >> we are making a dent, and i do know that we have made a lot of arrests. >> reporter: five cars, ten deputy sheriffs have been taking overnight shifts targeting oakland's high-
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crime areas offering enforcement opd is spread too thin for, drunk-driving, traffic stops, prostitution. i'm thinking that the 35- year-old female should not be on the streets at midnight selling her wares, are you feeling me? >> it was effective in those areas. but it's expensive. you know? i would like to drive a maserati, i don't have the money to buy a maserati, so i drive a pickup truck. >> reporter: and it's up to oakland to come up with the money to bring sheriff's deputies back as they work their last shift along international boulevard, some bystanders say they won't be missed. >> i feel it was a waste of taxpayers' money. go after the child molesters and rapists. >> i think any cooperation that the city of oakland can get with other police presence, other entities is a good thing. >> reporter: the officer with the foot wound from this incident is in physical therapy and should return to duty in a few months
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and now that the deal with the sheriff's department is finished, oakland only has the california highway patrol to help them as they try to grow their own force. reporting live in san leandro, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. doubling up forces, the new boost syrian rebels are getting from the united states to oust leader bashar al-assad. >> plus. searching for survivors amongst the rubble. the devastation being felt in china after that powerful earthquake killed more than 170 people. the nation's largest marijuana celebration in the country turns into a crime scene. the chaos that erupted as thousands of people fled for safety. . the bay area is in the clear right now. coming up at 10:37 the temperature change you can expect for tomorrow and when 90- degree heat can return to our forecast?
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. crews in china call for help as they scrambling to rescue a baby discovered beneath a crumbled building of a ever 6.6 quake. powerful origin hit yesterday threatening entire villages and crumbling thousands of boeings. official death toll stand as 179 people with nearly 7,000 people injured a. this how aftershocks continue to shake the region. since yesterday's quake there have been more than 700 aftershocks including two measuring magnitude 5.0 or larger. the quake struck around 8:00 a.m. local time and you can see it sent these young men running from what appears to be their dormitory rooms. quake hit close to where a devastating earthquake in 2008 killed almost 70,000 people.
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that earthquake prompted widespread criticism of the construction of schools that collapsed killing thousands of students. u.s. secretary of state john kerry announced a new aid package for the syrian rebels trying to oust president bashar al-assad. kerry says the u.s. plans to double hesitate nonlethal aid bringing the dollar element to $25 million. a new york official says it could include battlefield equipment. in other news of the world in india a 22-year-old man is facing charges of rape, kidnap and torture after police say he attack his 5-year-old neighbor. there were angry protests outside of the new delhi police headquarters. the girl's paratransits say they found her wednesday in the suspect's apartment. police say the victim was kidnapped sunday evening and at that the suspect says he left the young girl shortly after fearing she was dead. had he remain not. the girl's family claims that the police failed to take their
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case seriously and later an investigator offered them about $37 to keep quiet. in pakistan lawyers shouted insults as former leader pervez musharraf appeared in court. he nas charges for firing the chief justice and putting the country's top judges under house arrest back in 200. musharraf is also accused of not doing enough to protect the live of former prime minister benazir bhutto who was asass nateed in 2007. dozens of people have been killed in bombings, targeting maybe i will shia areas. 14 candidates were also killed, most of whom were sunnis. there were a handful attacks today that injured four people. denver police are serving
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for whoever shot two people at largest major celebration in the country. an estimated 80,000 p.m. were in sisk center park for 4/0 day. a man and woman were injured, but they are expected to survive. this was the first 4st 4/20 celebration. more possible human remanslaughter were found during the sift are of greensboro debris from the world trade organization site. other possible human remains were found wednesday. more than 2700 people died at the world trade organization. remains of more than 1600 have been identified. now one bay area town plans to build the white house. first our coverage of the boston bombings continues. we're live in boston with the latestd to try to establish a motive. this is a little bit of a
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different kind of sting operation. oakland police discover a beehive at headquarters. how one officer was able to quickly capture all of those bes.
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. we return now to our coverage of the boston bombings. one suspect believed to be responsible for the boston marathon bombing is dead. other, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is in in a hospital bed while prosecutors figure out how to best press charges to him. they could wait for him to recovery or ask ask for a federal judge to charge him at his bedside. reporter jennifer davis is live in boston with the very latest. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening to you. with this manhunt now over and
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the city no longer under siege it feels like things are getting back to normal, but for prosecutor and investigators a new chapter is just beginning. hundreds lined the streets and paid tribute to fallen-minute police officer scene collier who police say was killed by the bombing suspects. >> just blocks from the bombing site at the boston marathon finish line where three people were killed and more than 180 others injured a memorial honoring victims of the tragedy continues to grow. >> our soles are scarred, but we'll keep going. >> reporter: not far interest there at beth israel deacon necessary dzhokhar tsarnaev remains hospitalized and under guard. officials say the capture of the tsarnaev saved lives. >> they wanted to get more people. they wanted to kill more people
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from they were done. >> reporter: officials now trying to establish a motive for the bombings. >> a radical islamist is common in different parts of the world and it may be the case here. >> reporter: now the governor says that this terror suspect is unable to communicate. there are reports that one of the gunshot wounds he sustained in husband throat or neck making it difficult for him to talk. still there is a high-level federal interrogation team on standby as soon as he recovers. bay area runners say monday's bombing is pushing them to train harder and come back even stronger next year. >> usa! >> runners with the san francisco roadrunners club gathered for their saturday morning run in ocean beach. several of the club's members
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ran monday's race and joined today's group. you can see them in the blue and yellow marathon shirts. they say monday's attack in boston won't slow them down. >> one day i will run there and i will qualify and there is nothing that is going to stop me or stop the rest of the running community. >> the runners observed a moment of silence in honor of the boston victims. all of the roadrunner club members who ran the boston marathon came home unharmed. runners in pleasant hill showed their support. the store fleet feet put the run together and showed picture of a volunteer holding a mile- marker picture. participants were encouraged to donate to victim aid groups and local businesses are also making donations. we have a special section on the boston bombings on our website. just go to, for our
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continuing coverage on-line. well, it's for the last picturure show. the cineart theater opened in 1967 and it's set to close tomorrow. developers plan to close down the theater and replace it with a sporting goods store. one of the last films schedule showed tomorrow is "$2001: a space odds qui employment that played after its release in 2008. across the country music lovers lined up outside of record stores to celebrate national record store day created in tope by a group of independent record store owners. day was intended to celebrate and raise awareness about independently owned record stores in the u.s. people thrummed through dozens of albums today and many stores offered special vinyl and cd releases to celebrate the occasion. the dmv is asking for your advice on drierless cars? mountain-based google has been testing investigators on bay area roads for several years
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and at had point is these cars are expected to become available to the public and the dmv is deciding how to best regulate them when that hans. the new cars raise questions like who is at fault if a driveless car gets into an accident up. >> next week the ac transit board of directors will consider holding off on the fare increase that was supposed to take effect this summer. fares were scheduled go up from $2.10 to $2.25. they think if fares stay the same, there will actually be a 3% increase in revenue. board meets on wednesday. the town of atherton is planning on sending out bills to the white house to try to cover the cost of security for president obama's recent visit. coordinating to the mercury news ather officials say the town spent more than $7,000 for police and other services when mr. obama visited earlier this
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month. town council members feel that artherton shouldn't have to pay for protectioning the president while he is attending fundraisers. . hundreds of people descended on the kruk berkeley campus to celebrate cal day. annual open house gives perspective students, children and people who are just curious a chance to see what the school is all about. >> oh, man, i remember going as both a junior and seen a i fell in love with cal. i loved the expense. it was great. >> the campuswide extravaganza included more than 300 public events. looks like a lot of fun. a sting operation you could say in oakland has the department all abuzz because the suspects were air swarm of unwanted bes. yesterday the department discovered a beehive above a parking area at police herts. it just so happens that one of
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the officers say beekeeper and he went hope and grabbed his gear and captured the bees and moved them to a new hive in the area. severe weather in the midwest, a powerful storm leads to flooding in the country's midsection as authorities find creative ways to try to rescue dozens of people. but here in the barack, boy it's heating up. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking your temperatures and will tell you whether 90-degree heat will return to the bay area. >> can you get ktvu news to go on our ktvu. download the app and you que connected anytime, anywhere. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. take a look people in the midwest cleaning up after a
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powerful storm move through the remain this week. in the city of tipton, indiana, 33 people were rescued from the rising floodwaters and as you can see, trash floating down the flooded streets where the watered is still too high for cars to pass. in order to get to some of those stranded residents authorities had to use large bulldozers and boats. >> wet moments like that around here, but not right now. quite the opposite, mark. >> well, the pleat ops. remember last december we were dealing with significant rainfall, but over the last few month it's been relatively dry and temperatures a good 5-10 degrees above the average with clear skies. out towards the bay bridge, mostly clear conditions. no fog out there just yet and i'm not expecting too much for tomorrow. as far as temperatures from today as advertised most areas did warm up nicely. the warmerrest locations in low to mid 70sment double san francisco, 17 degrees and the latest on live stormtracker 2 a
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few high clouds approaching the northern parts of the state, around cape mendocino, that is all we can find. a closer inspection of temperatures under mostly clear skies. temperatures come down as you would expect over the past few hours. santa rosa 54 and san josi currently in the upper 50s at 58 degrees. key headline a warm developed. we started this morning, warmest locations, around 90 degrees. we have options in the bay area, the coastal spots mainly in the low to mid-70s. that will be the relief area, if you want to get a cooldown with those temperatures inland soaring back up to near 90. san40s and 50s tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours, upper 60s,
10:40 pm
70s. this orange contour links to the 80s as high pressure continues to strengthen. mostly sunny skies will continue to warm things up and the key here is that wind direction of the more of a northerly breeze, a warming wind. even the beaches back up to the upper 60 to around 00 degrees. our forecast model keeping things clear tomorrow morning. maybe a patch or two of fog, but still plenty of sunshine for the second half of the weekend and temperatures continue to warm back up. sand rose 8degrees. oakland in the upper 70s,79 and livermore 88. san josi 86 these temperature wills will check in about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. downtown san francisco great weather for baseball game at at&t. temperatures at first pitch around 72 degrees. a look ahead, your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view and looks like monday will be the hottest day of the week inland and we'll scale back a few degrees by
10:41 pm
tuesday and by wednesday and thursday we'll introduce least some patchy fog and a cooldown. heather and ken if you are going outside for a bike ride or run, you will notice the warm-up by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning. >> find a reason go outside. >> that is a good strategy. >> thank you, mark. across the bay area thousands got an early start on celebrating earth day. pacifica volunteers picked up trash on beaches, hildsides and sidewalks. the effort was organized by the patricka coalition. a long time volunteer says recent environmental education efforts seem to be helping their cause. >> this year for the first time we have seen considerably less we're having to pick up. it seems like it's actually work. >> last year volunteers picked up 16,000 pounds of trash in the weeks before-and-after earth day. this year earth day is on monday. as you heard mark said it's going to be really nice weather. so everybody get outside for that. coming up next the nba playoffs tip off. >> warriors take on the nuggets in a nail-biter. sportswrap is next
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition ever sports yap a warrior team in patrols happens oh, twice every 19 years. in game 16 their series in denver the nuggets had that little something extra at the fin. some would say as steph curry goes so go the warees, david lee with the slam and warriors up 9 late in theself. the nuggets narrowed the gap before halftime. mcgee with a big time jam or
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